17 Days: South Carolina

Concrete shaking beneath your feet while rushing wind passes by at 75 miles per hour. Universal Studios will charge you over $100 a ticket to go into their park to experience rides with similar motion features. If you want to save the money, you can just park on the side of I 95 north, get out of your car, let a Semi Truck whiz on by at 75 miles per hour, and stand on a concrete bridge to feel its shake. Thrill chasing moments need to happen when trying to capture a perfect picture.

Ryan got the wonderful idea of capturing pictures at the state lines. His original intention for the pictures were to be taken at the states’ welcome centers. Although, Georgia thought it was time to remodel their welcome center. Ryan and I turned around on I 95 to stop in front of the “Welcome to Georgia” sign on the fast pace moving highway. Was it scary? Yes, but it was worth it.

Georgia was just a passing through state to get to our first destination, Myrtle Beach, SC. Ryan and I have both been to Myrtle Beach, but we were on our way to meet up with a very special person in my life, my Uncle Rob. My Uncle and I grew a very close bond when I got to the age of 8 years old. He isn’t an uncle by blood, but an uncle by God’s choice to plant him into my life. His wife, Auntie Vickey, was my mom’s best friend.

While heading to Myrtle Beach, we stopped in Georgetown. Georgetown is  small town in between Myrtle Beach and Charleston, SC. It’s right off of a harbor filled with antique shops, family restaurants, tranquil parks, historical markers and a purple/pink house. After the town, we entered into Murrells Inlet.

Murrells Inlet is the suburban city my Uncle Rob lives. Sad to say we only got to spend the night with my uncle, but we celebrated our time together at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, El Cerro Grande. They have the largest Margaritas I have witnessed in my life, and they probably the best queso in the world! The food might have been amazing and the drinks, but the best part was sharing it both of my favorite men in my life.

I enjoyed Ryan meeting my uncle. I got all teary eyed knowing that these two men got to enjoy each others company and create memories together. My uncle is my father figure growing up majority of my life. It was very important to me for Ryan and Uncle Rob to meet. Even though our time in Myrtle Beach was short, but sweet. We get to go back in October to enjoy more time with one another.

June 9, 2016, we repacked our bags, quickly stopped by the Atlantic and headed out on the road to Washington DC.

To be continued…

MOTD: Bright Lights

I really should have titled this Make of the Night, but I already made the art work.  I am being too lazy to redo it. Lol! This look I wore a while back ago.

I was invited to go to Downtown Disney (now called Disney Springs) where we planned to go dancing. I wore all black that evening, but I wanted to add some color. Then I thought, “I am gonna be bold with color on my face.”

I am not afraid to wear bright colors. I love the NYX pink suede matte lip gloss. The blue eyeshadow is from a blue L’Oreal eyeshadow duo I bought years back.

I was going to create a black wing eye, but I wanted to be more daring. I got one of my bright blue eyeliners from Eyetini, and I drew a bright blue wings on my eyes. I love how the blue brings out my blue eyes. *wink*

17 Days: Intro

Four hundred eight hours or in other words 17 days. I got to travel across the great plains and mountains of the American lands. I did not do this on my own. The love of my life, Ryan, was the driver and travel coordinator of this trip. We were like Lewis and Clark on an expedition traveling over 8,000, but we did it in a white Chevy truck.


We went camping in new territory to hotel hoping from city to city. We watched a couple become husband and wife. I got to witness the reunion of a grandmother and her grandson. We went from an elevation of 9,000 to 100 miles below sea level. I got to touch the sand of the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.

The sights were breath taking and hard to describe, but thanks to a camera to capture all the beauty in a picture. God created some beautiful scenery in America. The sights made me realize we are not meant to be stuck in one place. I am going to share my moments, stories and adventures with you in a new series of blogging called, 17 Days.

Traveling is one of my Fun Little Joys in life. I always had a side of traveling since I was kid when my parents took me on road trips to visit family to adventure off into Amish Country or New York City. In this trip, it was my first time ever going to Pacific Ocean and the furthest west and north I have ever been. The best part is I got to share that life goal with Ryan.

When you are traveling, your first sights is from your car’s point of you. Since I was the passenger majority of the trip, I got to constantly capture pictures from the car’s point of view. All of the pictures in this blog is from the car. In each series, I will write about a new national park, city, event or moment. It won’t just be 17 blogs either. We did so much more that just 17 events in 17 days. I know it sounds crazy, but it was not crazy. It was an adventure!

I think the best part of a road trip is the anticipation. The road trip builds up adrenaline which stirs up excitement to a new adventure or new place. I think the best part of the trip was not knowing exactly where we were going to next. Yes, Ryan told me, but at the same time he changed locations or plans.

The 17 Day trip begins in Orlando, FL heading to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

To be Continued…


Wanted to show my makeup of the day with the world. Enjoy!!! *Hugs*

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Fashion Creations | 2016 Patone”s Spring/Summer Colors

I created nine different outfits that reflect my personal style. The nine outfits have a street to bohemian style, and they even have some classly flare to the outfits, too. These fashion outfits have been inspired by the 2016 spring/summer Pantone Colors.
















OOTD | Blurred

When you wake up, your eyes are out of focus. The world is a big fuzzy mess, or maybe just your room is a fuzzy mess. Blurry vision is the worse, but sometimes I wish I can just blur out what I do not want to see in every day life.

Fashion is a huge hobby for me. It’s a passion. The worse thing is when I see a person who does not put any effort into getting ready everyday. The funny thing is that it does not take much effort at all.


This outfit is something I put together in less than a minute. My hair only took 30 secs to put up. Lastly, my makeup was only a 5 minute task. That’s a total of 6.5 minutes to get ready. Yes, it’s not my best outfit in the world, but at least I’m not a blurry mess



Vest from Ross

Floral Tank Top from Forever 21 Plus

Chiffon Dress Pants from Forever 21 Plus

Brown Sandals and Jewelry from Goodwill

(All items from this OOTD are discontinued)