Just Smile :-)

During the Summer, it likes to rain everyday between noon to four here in Florida. I use to allow the ugly gray clouds and the wet cool weather bother me. Now, I decided to just keep Smiling.

Rainy Florida weather reminds me about every day life. Every day life will have dampers that will try to bring down our moods, ruin our plans, or corrupt our thoughts. Issues arise to bring us stress and weaken our spirts. But, what can we do about it???

Well, personal I choose to smile. Smiling at all aspects good to bad is very healthy. In Proverbs 15:30 it says, “A cheerful look brings joy to the heart; good news makes for good health.”  Smiling can help you lower blood pressure, relieve stress, strengthen immune system, and lesson pain. A smile can also heal others around you because it’s contagious.

Gray Cloudy Sky Can't Stop This Smile!!!
Gray Cloudy Sky Can’t Stop This Smile!!!

I encourage each of you when you feel frustrated, angry, upset, confussed, etc. Take one second and just smile. A smile will bring a Fun Little Joy to your Heart and others around you, too!!!



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