Dirty Job!

As gross as it sounds, I had to empty out the garbage at work this morning. The trash was from the ladies restroom and our break room. Ewe!!!

One of the bags decided to rip on me as I was placing it into trash compactor. That bag was filled with tons of smelly liquids that spread all over the floor, cart and unfortunately myself. And, I had to clean it all up! YUCK!!!

Dirty job checked for the day? Hmm…Maybe Not.

I than came across a customer over the phone who started yelling at me. I honestly could not make out any words he was saying cause he shouted so loudly it was causing static. I politely interrupted him and said, “OK, I see you are under a lot of stress, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to make out what you were informing me about. So, could you please repeat what you said, but slower and a softer tone of voice.”

The customer abruptly said, “SURE!” As he was explaining his problem to me, again. He kept cursing and using fowl names towards the company where I work. His issue was just to tell me that my company is horrible at running a business.

After all his chatter, I said, “So, how I can I help you resolve your feelings towards this company?” He went on and on how that there isn’t enough “time or money in the world to help him” resolve how he feels. I asked, “Well, what else can I help you with?.” He than lashes out at me and says, “You are a really pain in my [butt] (actually said the “a” word) by asking me all these questions.”

At that point, I wanted to give up, but something told me to say this to him; “Sir, I can’t feel your own feelings and don’t  personally understand the pressure you are facing. But, give it up. Give it to someone who can deal with all your troubles. I am here to help you not to keep disappointing you.”  The customer than broke down. He started to cry. He then said, “My wife is cheating on me. I don’t know what to do.”

I look around to see if anyone is near me as I am on the phone with this customer, and I asked him, “Can I pray for you?”

I work for a secular company, but when God says Go. I GO!!!! I said a sweet prayer of healing and strength towards this man.

I then re-invited him back to my company for future business. He said, “I will come see you tomorrow. And, Victoria, thank you for listening and not giving up on me both business and personal wise.”

Now, that was my dirty Job of the day!!!

That took so much more time and effort to clean up that customer’s mess than it did taking the garbage out and throwing it away.

Words can crush or inspire.

As my customer was trying to crush me, I didn’t allow myself to attack him in the same approach. In Luke 21:15, “For I will give you a mouth and wisdom which all your enemies will not be able to withstand.” God gave me the wisdom to be able to calm myself  and bring forth words of peace out of my mouth.

The Dirty jobs or deeds don’t always need to be physical, but they can be emotional and mental, too. Don’t let any dirty job get the best of you. Always turn a negative into a positive just like God does for us. Allow wisdom and words be Fun Little Joys in your heart.



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