Be Like An Ant

  • Pencil whipping paper work/school
  • Making a mess and only cleaning half of it
  • Turning in work late
  • Arriving Late to work/school
  • Pawning off your responsibilities to others
  • Calling out of work/school/hobbies  just because

I made a list above just of a few examples of Laziness.  I have encountered from school to work to hobbies and even in my own household so many types of Lazy behavior. I consider whatever you become dedicated to you need to put forth your greatest effort. Now, I am guilty myself by acts of being lazy, but since I came across a Bible verse I drive myself to always do my very best in all I do. In Proverbs 6:6 King Solomon says, “Take a lesson from ants, you lazybones. Learn from their ways and become wise!”

So, why do we want to work like an ant? Let’s look a few characteristics of an ant’s work.

  • The ant takes initiative.
  • The ant will find a job by them self (self motivated )
  • Can lift 50 times its own weight
  • They go out of their own comfort zone
  • Use their heads to guard their nests
  • Natural baby sitters for baby ants
Work Hard Like An Ant.
Work Hard Like An Ant.

Those six just convinced me enough that an ant is surely a hard working. Self motivated is the one that stands out the most for me because it’s yourself that has to push you to get up and do things.

So, let’s work like the ants!!! Working hard and doing a great job in everything you do is a form of worship to God. So, let the work of worship be a great Fun Little Joy to place into your life.



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