You are FOREVER Beautiful Haiku

Glasses on Freckles

Tattoos on arms and ankles

Mouth full of Braces

Large blue eyes with long lashes

Straight hair in a bob

Beauty marks near bushy brows

Brunette with highlights

Chipped nails with scratched off polish

Belly with stretch marks

Tall slender legs that shimmer

Pierced nose with heart stud

Size 5 worn on feet

Only one arm to give hugs

Booty that bounces

Fore arm that waves back and forth

Thirty two inch waist

Chubby cheeks that have dimples

Bruises from game day

Love yourself and your body

Embrace who you are

Imperfections are beauty

God made you gorgeous

God made you cause he loves you

God made you pretty

You are perfect in his eyes

You are so unique

You are FOREVER Beautiful

By: Victoria (Author of Fun Little Joys)



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