I give it to him…


Life has so much to throw at us. We all experience good times and bad times. In the good times we just are thankful and full of high spirits. When things get bad, we have a tendency to lower our heads and be a little miserable.

Why do you allow ourselves to feel this way when it comes to bad times? A lot of people say, ” well, we are human.” Yes, I agree that’s true, but at times I just feel we allow emotions take over our lives.

Even when we are happy we allow the abundance of joy overwhlem our emotions. I am not saying it’s bad to be happy, but I am just showing how happiness has such a huge impact. Happiness is a beautiful gift God gives us.

I find Happiness in God. If I find happiness in God, then why not invite him in at all times. Example, when I’m feeling gloomy I can ponder on all the sadness or hurt feelings. I can allow it to over take me and my whole day. But, if you invite God into that moment you will to regain happiness and place the gloomy feelings all behind you.

God always helps us over come every opstacles. God has his way in all we do. Since God makes us happy, then give everything to God. Don’t do it by yourself.

Just let go and Let God!!!!

You will see as soon as you let go any bad times that happen you surely will feel all the Happiness you ever needed.

Praise Jesus!!!!



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