Fight Frustration

Jesus faced constant frustrations, but he never got irritated. He always made time for people. We get so preoccupied with our own things that we forget that people are the priority in life.”

-Rick Warren

How many times a day do issues, people, subjects, events, etc agitate you???

How many times in that day do you give these issues, people, subjects, events, etc to God???

When I go into to work after a few days off, I have to follow up with my associates to see if they completed their work while I was away. After following up, I look and shake my head because sometimes nothing to very little is finished. I have a tendency to get a little frustrated. I try my hardest not to show it, but when I start feeling that way I look into the word of God to help me find my peace.

The Bible verse I like to lean on is in John 16:33. It says, “These things I have spoken to you, that in me you might have peace. In the world you shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I HAVE OVERCOME THE WORLD.” This Bible verse helps remind me just how big God is and just how tiny the world and my problems are.

After the Holy Spirit comes and calms my frustration, I realize I need to be like Jesus and face the problem. I need to have confidence that through him I can face any issue, event, person, subject, etc because he is with me at all times.

“I can do all things through Christ who gives me Strength,” Philippians 4:13. I had a bracelet made with this scripture on it. I wore it everyday, to the point where I wore out the bracelet. I still have the bracelet it isn’t as bright neon pink anymore and some of the engraving has rubbed off.


As silly as it may seem, I can remember that when I wore this bracelet I felt like I had a special power. I use to be very sassy and had a huge attitude problem because I allowed the smallest things bother me. I had that bracelet made to help me control my hot headness. Well, I was right with about the super power because there isn’t anything stronger than fighting the world with God’s word. It worked!!!!!!

I gave all issues to God. I gave him all frustrations. I gave him my anxiety because Jesus is my strength!!!

Yes, we will get frustrated, we are human. Just don’t allow the frustration take over your mind and bring anger. Bring peace into your mind and heart with God’s word. Let God’s word be a Fun Little Joy in your life.



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