Lift up your arms!

This morning was just amazing. I woke up. Made a delicious cup of coffee and ate scrambled eggs. I walked into the bedroom where I began to listen to some music.

The first song I listened to was “Landslide,” by Fleetwood Mac. After the song was finished, I started to sing it on my own. I stumbled into singing “Alone,” by Heart. As I finished singing “Alone,” I felt the need to sing the bridge of “Yahweh,” by Depression Band.

“All consuming, everlasting, God almighty, Lord of glory.” This bridge is from the worship song, “Yahweh.” I couldn’t stop singing it. Then the rest of the lyrics just came to me, I sung out the song and I lifted my hands up.

Worship is my personal way of showing extra affection of praising and loving Jesus. The Holy Spirit surrounds me with a stronger presence and I laugh, cry and speak or sing to God in a language only knows. Two words: emotional component.

“God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth,” John 4:24.

During worship I feel the will to leave all that surrounds me and focus on the emotional satisfaction of participating in all that God has directed me to do for His glory. Personally, emotional component is not out of force or pretend. It is the result of one’s personal relationship with God. 

So, cut loose. Let your guard down. Lift up your hands to God. Open your heart and worship him for all he has done in your life because he loves you.

Allow worship be a Fun Little Joy in your life and for God’s glory.



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