Turning Camouflage into Fashion!!!

I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people would perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.” — Alexander McQueen

I use to think camouflage was such a “Red Neck” trashy style. Well, I allowed judgement take over my blind eyes. When I found a few pretty sweet articles of clothing, I changed my mind of the camouflage design.

The first clothing item I liked with camouflage was an American Eagle Outfitters baseball hat. Next, I found a very nice tank top at Walmart. Again, I stumbled upon another baseball cap (it has a pirate logo on it which is why I bought it). Lastly, a pair of shorts!!!


The shorts I found have to be my favorite camouflage clothing article. The shorts are from Forever 21, but I didn’t buy them from Forever 21. I got the shorts from the app, Poshmark.

Poshmark is an app that allows you to sell or buy your gently used clothing. I love baragins where I bought these shorts for only $8. They look like new and I am in love with them!!!

My tank top is a see through material with an aztec design. The color is off white. The tank top is also from Forever 21 where I did buy it from the store. I love mixing different patterns to offset one another. I believe it’s the bohemian style that lives deep in my soul that enjoys  mixing up designs!!!

****Sandals: Nude Color with metal tube by Brash that I bought from Vinted.com; Jewlery: longest necklace from Forever 21, earings were gifts from unknown and shorter necklace the love of my life bought for me!!!!!

Well, that’s my Outfit of the Day!!!!!!



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