Lakes, Parks and Dogs

Large oak trees Give Lake Baldwin Park plenty of shade from our hot Floridian sun.

On Tuesday, my wonderful boyfriend and I went to a dog park. The dog park is located in Winter Park (East of Orlando) called Lake Baldwin Park. It’s 23 acres of land just for the doggies and their owners. The last time I was here was when I was a teenager with my old pal, Baby Cakes. I totally forgot how beautiful Lake Baldwin Park was for both dogs and their masters.

Daisy having a blast in the Lake.

The lake has a sand beach on the shoreline which makes cleaning up after your dog so much fun!!! All dogs roam freely without a leash and like to swim together. Daisy was independently playful with herself by enjoying a fresh swim.

The love of my life and myself hiking on the doggie trail!!!

They have a large wooded area where there are trails. So, if you aren’t into getting your dog wet. Just walk the trails and get set some good exercise out of the way for yourself and your pup!!!

I wanted to share this adventure with you and see the beauty of Florida.



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