How to Subscribe

Hello Beautiful People!!!!

I decided I want more of my fellow bloggers, family and friends to subcribe to my You Tube Channel. It dawned on me maybe not everyone knows how to subscribe? I wanted to take some time to show you via pictures how to subscribe to my channel of Fun Little Joys.

So, click here to go to my You Tube Channel for Fun Little Joys.

If you clicked that link, it may have two different looks depending what type of device you are currently working on.

So, if you are on you desktop it will look like this:


Then just click the RED area to Subscribe!!!!

Now, if you are on your Mobile Device:


Then just click the RED letters that say Subcribe!!!!

Now, if you didn’t click to get to the Website and just was logged into You Tube. You can search for me under Fun Little Joys. Once that pops up, you will find me in you search like this:


You can click on the BLACK letter that say Subcribe under the Title of Fun Little Joysto be subscribed to my channel!!

I hope you enjoy my videos as much I enjoy making them for everyone!!!!



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