A Day Full

Hey, Hey!!!

Yesterday was a day filled with so much wonder!!! I had a Jesus moment, a spiritual talk with a fellow employee, and gained wisdom from the cutest 90 year old couple!!!!

I love when my day is full of life. I felt God around me in every conversation. It was just amazing.

I hope yesterday repeats itself. But, what if it doesn’t??? Does that mean God is not there??? Am I gonna have a bad day cause I don’t feel God’s presence???

The answer is NO!!! God is always there even if you don’t feel him. He is Walking next to you. He is holding your hand. God even picks you up to climb over a mountain when the going gets tough.


In Job 33:4 “The Spirit of God has made me, And the breath of the Almighty gives me life.” When I look at this verse, I read it has God made me out of the spirit (Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost). He breathed into my breath to give me life. So, God is closer than my own breath! He is with me every where I go from sleep to being awake.

Knowing God is closer to you at all times; make that your Fun Little Joy in your heart.



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