BBOW: Maybelline’s Color Show: Polka Dots

Hey, Hey!!!

Browsing down the beauty aisle at my local Dollar Tree I stumbled across a pretty SWEET find!!! A nail polish. The polish that I discovered is Maybelline’s Color Show Polka Dots. The color I liked was Dotty. It’s a light orange color with specs of black and white. $1 nail polish declares this to be Beauty Bargain of the Week!!! Yay!!!


I only spent a $1!!! Yep, another great find from the Dollar Tree. I looked up some prices online and found on Ebay. This one is going for $8.46. That’s  $7.46 more than I paid!!! Whoa!!! I only can find them on ebay. Tons of people have the Color Show Polka Dot Nail Polish listed. It’s like this polish was a huge hit and some people are trying to make a profit off of it. So, don’t get stuck into paying over prices. Head to your local Dollar Tree to find this treaure.

The polish gives a look of wearing Granite on your finger tips. I love sporting different designs on my fingers. It makes it a tad interesting than just simple polish. After I applied this Polka Dot Polish on my fingers, I was very pleased with the results. On another positive note, I will probably declare this polish my sports fanatic nails!!!


What do I mean by sports fanatic nails??? Well, it’s almost Football season. This color with the other colors mixed in reminds me of my sports team, Cleveland Browns. Even though the specs are black, the orange dries over it and it turns to a dark brown. I totally will be rocking this on Sundays starting in September!!! Go Browns!!!



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