Helping Because of His Love

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Walking around Lake Eola Park is so beautiful. This park is a huge outdoor social area for those who live in or near Downtown Orlando. The park is full of odd pieces of art. People are being entertained by picnics. Frisbees being tossed back and forth. Children swinging or sliding on the play ground equipment. A group of people to individuals walking around the sidewalks or standing under shady trees.


The people that walk the side walks or stand under the trees are mostly homeless. These people live near this lake, but not in a home. They live on the streets.

The people that throw a frisbee around won’t make eye contact with the homeless. Parents walk faster with their kids when passing a homeless person. The people having a pinic. They look down at their food and just shrug their shoulders and continue to eat.

I decided to be different. I wanted to show the homeless I love them because Jesus loves them. I decided to make Homeless Bags. Homeless Bags are products that most homeless people need. I bought my products from the Dollar Tree.

I didn’t spend a lot of money. I only spent under $20!!! I put together a video and already posted it on You Tube: How to make a Homeless Bag. I personally love making them because it gives me a chance to build a personal relationship with the homeless. It gives me the opportunity to love on them.

Watch the video below:

When I was done putting together these Homeless Bags, it was my mission to go out and give them away. That’s why I ended up at Lake Eola. I use to run around a lot at Lake Eola and always noticed the homeless. This time I am going to meet them. I will introduce myself, talk to him/her, give my bag to him/her and lastly pray.


The above picture is of Carlos and Sandy. They are homeless, but they are a couple living on the streets of Orlando. I wanted to give them each a bag, but Sandy said, ” No,  we can share.” We then prayed together. I prayed for them never to loose sight on Jesus and reminded them how much He loves them. After we said a prayer, Sandy then pointed to a woman, Jessica, who was passing.

I ran over to Jessica. She had to be about my age (I am 31). When I handed her the bag full of nourishment and hygiene products, she didn’t even know how to take it from my hands. She said, “You are giving this to me?” Of course I said, “Yes.” She asked, “Why?” I replied, “Because I love you.” Her head tilted sideways. I asked if I could pray over her, but she refused. I respected her, but told her “God loves you, too. And God Bless.” She just glanced deeply into my eyes. I just wonder what was going on in her head.

The next woman I came across was Kelly. She was full of stories. I spent a lot of time with her.


Kelly is in a wheelchair. She told me she is not handicap. She just has it so she can push all her items a long with her and have a mobile seat. She likes Lake Eola because it’s something that’s beautiful to always look forward to everyday. Kelly told me she wants to get a job and live in an apartment of her own someday. She says, “I want to be President  because I would make a difference how people would think of homeless people.”

My favorite little man came into my life last. His name is Tim. I saw Tim when my boyfriend and I were about to leave. We parked to the side of Lake Eola. I was gonna give my bag to someone else, but God showed me Tim.


Tim was about to grab something from the garbage can across the street. I was like, “No!!!!” Lol!!! I yelled across to him asking him to come over to me. He carefully crossed the street. I held out the bag for him to see. I said, ” I have some food in here for you. No, need to rummage through the trash.”

He was smiling from ear to ear. He was like, “Thank you. I am really excitied about the water more than the food.” I prayed with him for God to bless him with more food, water and shelter. I told him, “never look away from Jesus. He has never looked away once from you because he loves you.”

Tim’s smile was even bigger than before. He made me even smile big after we were done praying. I gave him a hug.

I looked back at that hug. That hug was not me. The hug was Jesus hugging on his people. Embracing him to show how much he cares for Tim.

After this day, I am not going to stop helping. I am already planning what I want to do next for the homeless. God has commanded us to take care of those who are poor, needy and helpless.

I mention three bible verses in Proverbs in my You Tube video. But, this verse stands out more than all the rest as a woman:

She opens her hand to the poor and reaches out her hands to the needy.”

Proverbs 31:20

God, I just thank you for placing this on my heart. I ask for continuous strength and courage. I want blessings of all your love to pour out of me unto all homeless in my area.

Let helping the Homeless become a Fun Little Joy in your mind and heart, too.


A special thanks to my wonderful and talented boyfriend, Ryan. He helped me with this project. I love how you have been supporting, directing and filming me during this project.  God loves you, babe!!! I love you, too!!! Xoxo


9 thoughts on “Helping Because of His Love

  1. That’s a very good idea. I’m proud of you and your love for others thru Christ. I must caution you to be gentle as a dove but clever as a serpent. There are some homeless who like anyone else who are not nice people. Don’t do these by your lonesome have someone with you. Sorry, that’s the dad in me peeking thru. God bless ya!

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  2. I think this is an amazing thing you just did. I just discovered your blog and I’m loving it so far. I’ve been looking for a way to implement God in my blog because I just recently accepted him into my life and you’ve inspired me to do so.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. First, Congrats!!! So happy to have a new Sister in Christ. I am so proud of you. Lovin’it. Lastly, listen for God to speak. He will guide you in all you do. He did with me in my blog. He will use you when you ask, but wait for his command on exactly what he wants for you to do!!! You will be blown away!!! Love ya!!! Xoxo

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      1. Thank you so much 🙂 I feel like I’ve been trying to force myself into writing about it but now I understand that I have to let it flow and keep learning the word of God. Thanks for getting back to me ❤

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