♡ Outfit of the Day ♡

Hey, Hey!!!

My day was amazing!!! Yes, I had to work, but woke up feeling so happy and blessed. I heard some awesome news from a friend where prayers have been answered for him. I took my boyfriend’s dog for a walk where that stretched my body out this morning. Last, I decided to go to church for a second time this weekend. Loved it!!!!


I decided to wear something nice to transition from one environment to the other environment. I love this shirt. It’s so flowy because it’s chiffon. Chiffon material is perfect for Florida summers!


The leggings are so comfy. While I am at work, I have less restriction crawling under shelves or climbing ladders. Yes, I did change from my adorbz sandals into some sweet looking black flats. Closed toed shoes are only allowed while I am working.


♡ shirt, leggings and earings are from Forever 21.

♡shoes are from vinted (gently used clothing store that’s online only)


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