Hey, Hey!!!

It started!!! It’s fianlly here!!! The best time of the year!!! College Football Season!!! Whoo Dang!!!

I proudly get to announce today as Game Day Kick Off!! I am a huge sports fanatic of my three most favorite colleges:

University of Central Florida

Ohio State

University of Florida

Why three colleges??? Well, I went to University of Central Florida (UCF). I was in a sorority at that college where our Big Sister sorority was University of Florida (UF). It all became natural to be a fan of these colleges.

Ohio State?  Well, I am from Ohio. Being a Buckeye is branded on your booty when you get slapped by the doctor. I bleed Red and Black. Yeah, kind of gross!!!


Today, September 3rd, University of Central Florida is playing against FIU. I know my Alma Mater gonna kick some booty!!! Let’s Go Knights!!!

This Saturday, September 5th, at the Swamp the Florida Gators will chomp down on New Mexico State!!! Gator Football is the Southern Dream. No matter if we win or lose in any season, we are always better from the top of Georgia to the Tip of Florida!!!

There is no introduction to this game that will be held on September 7th. Ohio State verses Virginia Tech. O to the H to the I to the O. The Buckeyes don’t need to be explained why they are awesome because just look up their stats!!! #nuffsaid

Gotta Go!!! It’s Game Time!!!

If you have a favorite College football team, who do you root for???



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