What do I really look like when I wake up???

Hey, Hey!!!

The title of this blog says it all.

I am about to reveal what I can look like every day when I wake up. There is no make up to hide my imperfections on my face. I have no hair products to tame my big poof. This is the real me.

The best part about the real me. I love her. I love when I don’t wear makeup or do my hair. I love just walking out of my house accepting me, for me.

Of course I love wearing makeup and doing my hair, it’s fun to “dress up.” Wearing flowy dresses and platform shoes. My hair sleek with the perfect curly shape. It’s so much fun!!!

Here is a reminder pic of what I look like with makeup on and hair all done:


Awe!!! Aren’t I the cutest??? Lol!!!

Enough with the procrastination. Here is the big moment we all been waiting for. How I look when I first wake up:


There you have it folks!!! Look at that Bush of wild and untamed hair. The hairless look of no eyebrows or eyelashes. Those dark cicles under my eyes. Omg!!! Forehead wrinkles! Lol!!!

Wanna know whats more amazing???

I can proudly say,

I look beautiful with all the comestic help and without it.”



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