The Day After 9/11

Hey, Hey!!!

September 12th is a very important day of my life. I get to reflect on the past and plan for the future. I thank God for blessing me for another year. If you have not guessed, it is my birthday.

This day is not  just my birthday, but I get to share it, too. I know five other people who have this same day as their birthday. They all don’t know each other, but it’s crazy how I know them. It’s like the only common thing they all share through me is this day.

This common day we share is also known as the day after 9/11. The day after the world stood still. The day after that changed all American’s lives. The day after we lost our freedom.

In  2001 on September 12th, it was my 18th birthday. A very important year for me. I became an adult. I was so proud to able to register to vote or sign up for the military. The only thing that stopped me rejoicing was the tragic event that happened the day before.

It was hard to smile down the hallway in high school. I was not able to boast about my birthday. I did not want to offend anyone. I was scared to be joyful.

Our country just went through a tragedy. I witnessed a second plane crashing into a south tower in New York on LIVE tv. The plane caused  explosions of fire and flames being blown out of the other side of the tower.

The LIVE news feed switches to another city. Another plane crashed. This plane broke the whole side of a powerful government building in DC. Lastly, a third city is announced. In a field in Pennsylvania, a plane crashes  and becomes flames.

America’s freedom was ripped from our hands. Our liberty torn from our spirits. People died on that day. Many Americans lost their husbands, wives, daughters, sons, uncles, aunts, grandmothers, grandfathers, cousins, nieces, nephews, etc.

I saw two towers collapse.  These towers had thousands of people still inside. Innocent people died because of hate from cruel savages. Since the towers fell,  dust stroms of debry filled the streets.  It suffocated citizens, destroyed other buildings and even killed more people.

How could any one the next day be happy? I did not care if it was my birthday. I cried for all that I remembered seeing the day before. I was not feeling love. I hated the terrorists that hurt my fellow Ameicans.

Late morning on 9/12, I had a friend apporch me to give me a present. I cracked a smile so big and hugged her with all my heart. She reminded me it was my birthday, but as soon as I smiled and laughed another friend reminded me of 9/11. He said, “how can you smile and be joyful from what happened to us, Americans, yesterday.”

I just nodded my head to him, but he then apologized. He realized it was my birthday when he glanced at the present in my hand. He walked me to class and said, “try to enjoy it. God will get us through this evil.” He hugged me as I still felt guilty for feeling a tad happy. He looked at me, again. He took his two index fingers and forced my mouth to grin. He said, “we can smile. God will make us come together. He will make us stronger. This was our wake up call.”

Guess what??? He was right!!! Our country grew a bond that year. We had a beautiful pride. Patriotism of red, white and blue. Stars and stripes flying on every lawn and house. We did grow as a country. We had our government leaders help us mend and grow ten times stronger.


Our country wrote songs of “kicking butt the Ameican way” to “have you forgotten.” We made memorials for all those who died in each city. American came together and rebuild buildings and lives. We have a saying, “Never Forget.” It helps us remember how quickly our freedom can get robbed from us, Americans.

The day after 9/11, we get to reflect and move on becoming stronger. A day after  that made us have hope. September 12th is a day we regained our pride of being Americans.

I proudly get to share this day every year filled new victory with all America. It’s not just my birthday, but America’s new birth of hope. This new birth is now 14 years old and we will NEVER FORGET!



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