Floridian Fall Fashion

Hey, Hey!!!

My favorite season is Fall. I love fall colors. I enjoy pumpkin spice everything!!! If I lived up north, I would love to see the leaves changing colors. I do adore the fashion, too.

I would enjoy the Fall Fashion more if I could wear a lot more of it while I am leaving here in Florida. I truly laugh a lot at women when our weather drops to 80 degrees they bust out their knee high boots and big bulky sweaters. I laugh even harder as I see them sweating to their cars to put their A/C on at full blast. Lol!!!

I don’t see anything wrong with Florida women wearing Fall Fashions, but some of those articles of clothing is way too hot for Floridians. I am a huge flip-flop fan. I am blessed I live in a state where I can wear them year round. I love sandals, too. Why not combined fall articles with flip-flops or sandals? This is florida!!! If we can do, let’s enjoy. I decided to go on Polyvore and create some adorable Floridian Fall Outfits.

My first outfits I am sharing are being worn with flip-flops or sandals. In each outfit, I don’t have heavy scarfs or bulky sweaters. I put chiffon scarfs and light weight jackets or cover ups.




I focused with the traditional fall colors. Burnt oranges, blood reds, olive greens, deep browns, etc. In my style, I lean towards the bohemian fashion. I love flowy clothing because it’s so comfy and perfect for layering lightly here in Florida.

I am not afraid to wear boots during a Fall in Florida. I just won’t wear my tall boots till it gets like in the 60s. I will wear closed toed shoes especially I have to during my working hours. I will wear ankle boots, but I have to breath somewhere on my body. If it’s me wearing a tank top or shorts, I need skin to be exposed to remain cool. Too much skin covered when you are outside, I might as well pass out from heat exhaustion. Here are samples of my outfits with closed toed shoes and ankle boots.




Floridia in the Fall is not torture when it comes to Fall Fashion. Just have to incorporate summer trends but twist it with Fall colors. Add a few more light layers and Boom!!! Comfortable Florida Fall Fashion.



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