Fall Nail Polish

Fall Nail Polish

with Julep

I have FALLen in love with dark colors for this Fall Season. I am loving deep purples, blood reds, dark browns, and blacken blues. In addition, I have become fond of natural colors of beige or nudes. I have incorporated these colors in my fashion, makeup and nail polish.

My new favorite nail polish brand is by Julep. I became a Julep Maven in July. I have recieved four subscripton boxes from Julep. I love their product. I have been building my Fall Nail Polish collection and wanted to only feature Julep in this blog.


Want to become a Julep Maven?

Get your first box for free!!! Well, you have to pay $2.99 for shipping, but it’s worth it. Every month Julep offers a welcome box. I would list this month’s code, but it will worthless for the next month and so on. I suggeet to Google “Julep Maven Free Welcome Box,” and the code will pop up on a website.

Lastly, click the link below:

Julep Maven Registration

The Nail Polishes

The colors I am featuring in this blog came from my September and October Box!!! The first two polishes are from my September box. The following three are from the October box.

Let’s see these colors up close!!!






My Favorite Polish?

Since I have worn this color, I can not stop reapplying it. I love how deep the color looks on my fingers. It is a great color from day to night. My favorite color from this Fall Nail Polish Collection from Julep is…



You Tube Videos

I have made two You Tube videos of three out of four of my boxes. Go take a look at my videos.  Watching the videos will give you a chance to see all the wondeful goodies I got inside of the boxes.

Julep: Welcome and August 2015 Box
Julep: My Custom Box for September 2015

Remember Julep is not just a nail polish company. It’s a makeup and beauty company. Jane Parker is the Ceo and Founder. It’s a company that operates  by women. Jane Parker’s heart is focus on making women be bold. She encourages women of all ages to be think….

“Brave Pretty is…”

(You fill in the blank)



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