Safety, Security, Quit, Rest and Peace

“My soul rest alone with God. My salvation is from him.” Two sentences that hold two powerful meanings. Those two sentences are in the Bible, Psalms 62:1.

The word rest in Hebrew is dûmı̂yâh. It also means silence and quiet. When I see these three words line up, I think of peace. In the first sentence of the Bible verse it says, “My soul rest alone with God.” I read deeply into that as my real trust is in God, and I am at peace with him.

Trusting God is a huge step for every Christain. I had a lot of struggles on letting go and let God. When I finally took the leap of faith and let God, I literally let someone else (God) have utter control over my life. I saw nothing in myself to rely, but souly depended on God. All my pains, insecurities, feelings, and emotions were put aside, God leads my heart and I truly rely on him.

I confide in God with all my issues. Yes, I am human and will talk to my boyfriend, mom or a friend, but I never really find peace with those converstaions. When I talk to God, I get wrapped into this warm awaking life. I feel his love embracing me and I feel protected. I hear his whisper in my ears to bring silence to my heart and mind. My soul becomes calm in God.

The second sentence from Psalms 62:1 says, “My salvation is from him.” My life is His life.  When you let go and let God, God is in control. He does what he wants with you and when he wants to do it.

My savaltion is giving to me from God. He is my safety. God is my security. The word salvation is pertaining to both this life and the life to come, but it’s all derived from God.

I found this quote online and I just love how it was said,

I am subject to God Almighty. He has a right to lay on me what he pleases; and what he lays on me is much less than I deserve: therefore am I dumb before God.”


I love the word “DUMB.” Dumb before God. Without the knowledge of God, you are basically Dumb. Lol!!!

Why say Dumb?

The informal definition is based on lack of intellectual content, and the literally definition is based on silence or mute. Let’s relook at at the whole two parts of Psalms 62:1, “My soul rest alone with God. My salvation is from him.” In the first sentence, the literal definition being used; therefore, in the second sentence, the informal definition being used.

Why would I agree with being Dumb in this verse?

The first sentence says we find rest in God. Dumb is a word of silence. Rest is silence. We don’t rely on our words or others words, so we stay silent. We wait upon Gods words to find our answers.

In the second sentence, it is about our salvation. We do not know what our future holds, but God does see our future. That is why we have to trust in him even when things do not make sense. We have to put aside everything we know of this earth. God has to lead us down a narrow path of the unknown, and we have to leave our past knowledge behind us.

I pray for everyone to find rest, peace, security, safety and quit with God.


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