BBOW: essie’s Sleek Stick

Get out of bed!!!

You need to head over to you local Dollar Tree. They have Sleek Stick nail polishes by essie for only $1. These Sleek Stick nail polishes normally run about $9.99 to $10.25 at Target or Kohl’s.

The Dollar Tree has Several Styles!!!

I only bought myself one style, but I grabbed about five of the same exact one. It was a steal!!! Five Sleek Sticks for $5. That’s half the cost on only one of them at Target or Kohl’s. The style I bought is “oh my gold.” Adorbz!!!


Let’s see Sleek Sticks on my nails!


I wore only two of the Sleek Sticks on one hand and one on the other. In the picture above, my left hand rocking the two Sleek Sticks. I partnered up the Sleek Stick pattern with Sally Hansen’s Extreme Wear in Black. It was a perfect combo for my UCF game day nails!!! Black and Gold!!! Yay!!!

Get up! Drive, Walk, or Run! Buy a Sleek Stick by essie at Dollar Tree!



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