Boxed Up Seattle Review

Boxed Up Seattle

I have never been to Seattle, but I got to visit the city through a box. The subscripton box comes straight from Seattle. It’s packed with unique items that any tourists would bring back home as survivors. This box is a perfect gift.


Boxed Up Seattle is a gift for a Seattleite that misses the city. The gift to share a piece of your new city life to your family or friends back in your old home town. A gift to give to someone who is about to move away.

The box will have themed boxes coming soon. If you are a sports fanatic, you might be interested on getting a Seattle Seahawks or Seattle Mariners box. They have wedding themed boxes. My favorite is the Big Foot Box.

The Goodies Inside the Box


2 Pieces of Almond Roca Buttercrunch Toffee

Space Noodles

Seabear’s Wild Alaska King Salmon Jerky

Seattle Chocolates’ Truffle Bar in Sea Salt Chocolate

Skyline’s Seattle Socks

♡Seattle Car Coaster

♡Stickers of Space Needle & Seattle Cider Co.

♡Big Foot Key Chain

♡Magnet of Downtown Seattle

♡Postcard of the Space Needle

♡Coasters from Two Beers Brewing Co. & Seattle Cider Co.

My Top Favorites


I am not HUGE follower of Big Foot, but it’s just a fun little gift. I am not a fish eater, but I really did enjoy the Salmon Jerky. Still smelled fishy!!! The Seattle Chocolate bar was amazing. The chocolate just melted in my mouth. Last, I just love this car coaster. It’s just adorbz!!!

Take a Closer Look


The Heaven Inside A Wrapper


Rocking the Socks

Check out My Unboxing Video of Boxed Up Seattle

Thank you Boxed Up Seattle for allowing me to review your Subscription Box. Good luck to your business and God Bless.


Disclaimer: Boxed Up Seattle did not pay me to make a review. I requested for a free box in return to write and record a video review for them. I did this review for entertainment, the love of helping others and fun for my heart.

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