Birchbox | Review | November 2015

Birchbox | November 2015

Ten dollars a month on Birchbox , and the price is worth it. All the fun outside and inside this box is adorbz!!! I love the pattern and the color of the box because it screams girlie. The best part, of course, is the products inside of Birchbox’s November box.



Texture Dry Finishing Spray


Product Info

The product can be found in any local drugstore, beauty shop or store near you. The 8 oz bottle is $12.00 to $18.00. The Texture Spray has travel size (which is shown here) in 1.1oz for $7.00.

The product is to help shape, give volume and fullness, and give a long lasting grip to your hair.

My Personal Point of View

I made sure I tried the texture spray on a non-humid day. I was happy a first, but then after 3 hours I lost my curl. My hair felt very heavy. I could not even run my fingers through my hair. It was horrible. I have volume in my hair already where this just made it extremely thick.  I perosnally would not recommend this product.


La La Lagoon Body Gel


Product Info

Temple Spa is a beauty company from Northern Ireland. The company does have United State Shops. It is available in a 6.8oz at the cost of $18.00. This shower gel is an armotic spa like fragrance.

My Personal Point of View

I am sensitive to all smells, and this product smells like a man’s cologne. I let my boyfriend smell it to see if he would like it, and he did like the fragrance. I think it is more of a man’s scent than a ladies. He has not used the product yet, but at least the smell has won him over.


Miracle Balm


Product Info

Miracle Balm was released in October 2015. This balm has multiple uses in such a small pink container. It is a European brand, but sold America for $16.50. It comes in a .5 oz bottle. The balm is used for moisturizing lips to cuticles, taming eyebrows, a primer for glitter, sooth sunburns, and more. It is odorless and tasteless.

Personal Point of View 

This product is basically Vaseline in a pink bottle. Lol!!! It’s not as thick, but it does the same “miracles” as Vaseline. I can not believe people are paying for a .5 oz bottle at $16.50. I can buy a jar in 13 oz of Vaseline for less than $4.00. I do like the product, but I would not purchase it because of my above statements.


Frat Boy | Shadow/Blush


Product Info

The duo shadow blush has great pigmentation. The color is a perfect shade of peach. The full size of the product is .3 oz and costs $21.00.

My Personal Point of View

I really love the Balm products, and this is another must have for me. But, I have a probelm with the price. I can not spend $21.00 on a blush; but as always, I did my research. I found it on for $13.99. BOOM!


Complete Clarity Daily Facial Exfoliating Polish


Product Info

Yes, the super model, Christie Brinkley has her own facial beauty line. The exfoliation scrub is available in a 3 oz tube at the price of $34.95. This product is to be used daily. It gentle exfoliates the skin.

My Personal Point of View 

I have very sensitive skin. I am have a hard time finding a good exfoliating wash that won’t hurt my face. Well, thank you Ms. Brinkley. I found a great facial product. Yes, I can feel the small granules on my face, but it does not feel like sand paper. It left my skin feeling very smooth and soft. The polish even left my skin with a glow.

Overall Review

At first, I was really excitied about this box. My views changed after I got to try out the products inside the box. Yes, they are great products, but a lot of them were not my cup of tea. On a scale from one to ten, I give this box a five. It was a fair box. I did like 3 out of 5 of the products, but only two were my favorites.

I loved the Christie Brinkley’s Exfoliating Polish. It was perfect for my skin type, and my face is very important to me where I would spend the $35.00 on it. My second favorite was the Balm’s Frat Boy Shadow Blush. It was a great shade for my complexion, and I loved how little I needed to use to show up on my cheeks. The price is a little too much, but I am glad I found another place with a steal of deal price.

Thank You

A shout out of thanks to my models, the Quackers of Barber Park in Orlando, FL. You all did an amazing job to swim on the pond at the right time for my photo shoot. Thanks, again.


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