Lorac | Pro Palette | Metal

I got an eyeshadow palette. You may have heard of the cosmetic brand, Lorac. Lol! I wanted to try out some “Big Deal” makeup brand. So, I went to Ulta and ran to the back of the store.

I stood at the back and breathed in deeply. I said, “you are going to buy a palette, but stay calm cause you will only spend $30 or less.” I went over to the Lorac section and was like, “Ohhhhhh” and “Oooooooo” and “Ahhhhhh.”

I didn’t get amazed by just the makeup, but also the prices. I was very impressed. I thought a small little palette would cost me abut $30. What do I mean by small? Like a trio.

The one that caught my eye my most was Makeup Pro Metal Eye Palette. This palette has 8 colors. This palette was less than $30.


The cost was exactly $28. Oh, how I love the colors. They shine and shimmer like my personality. Lol!!! I knew this Palette said “Victorious” all over it.

As of now, I only swatched the Onyx and the Graphite. I will post more for future. I felt I should leave my audience in suspense for future swatches of the gorgeous palette.


Let’s see those beautiful eyes a little bit closer!!! (And…No! I’m not conceded. Just confident!)

First, I brushed on the Onyx as a base coat. Next, I took the Graphite where blended it on top of the Onyx. Lastly, I went back over my whole lid and under my eye with the Onyx to get a bold statment.

There you have it ladies (and maybe gentlemen…), my first high end brand of an eyeshadow swatch and selfie.


Eyeko Fat Liner
Revlon’s Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lip in Vigorous Violet
Stila Huge Extreme Lash Mascara




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