The Lord Looks at the Heart

When you look into the mirror, what do you see? Seriously, what do you see? I will share with you what I see.

I see a blonde curly hair woman. I have amazing eyes and love the color of my eyes. Then I realize I hate that one eye is smaller than the other. I see a tall lady, but with big feet. I notice I dislike my thighs because of the cellulite that has appeared within age. Oh, I love my breasts!!! I look a little odd without makeup because my eyebrows and eyelashes are too blonde. It makes me seems I have none. Hmmmm….

That’s my view when I look in the mirror. How do others see me when I walk by them? These are a few things people have said to me from pros to cons:

“You have a nice butt. I love your hair. You are gaining weight. Lipstick looks great on you, because you have great lips. That outfit looks bad on you, but I like the way you wore your hair. I want to have nice toes like you. Your forehead has more wrinkles since I last saw you. I like when you wear glasses. You have two rolls of back fat from this angle.”

It’s funny how we always look on the outside appearance of people. It does not matter if we met them for the first time, or known them our whole lives. We even judge appearance of a situation with others.

In a work place, a manager walks by and sees a crowd of associates gathered together. The manager screams at them as if they were their own children causing mischief. As the associates open up their circle, the manager notices a vendor demonstrating a new product.

The manager judged quickly  and they went for the negative towards the situation. It was not till he saw the vendor inside the circle on why their associates were huddled.

That vendor reminds me of our hearts, and the employees that surrounded him were our outward appearances or our bodies.  The heart that is inside each and everyone of us is what makes us as a person. Out outward appearance is only a vessel that holds our hearts in place. The heart expresses our true personality.

The heart that you and I  have is more important than some article of clothing, hair style, tattoos, etc. God looks at our hearts. He does not look at our outward appearance.

“When I share love, I am sharing my Lord and savior.  I get to shine God’s love from my heart to others everyday.”

In Samuel 16:7 it says, “The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

It’s like that old saying, “do not judge a book by it’s cover.” As a person, we naturally look at the outside from a person’s appearance to situation. We never stand back to see get to know that person or to see what the situation is about. We like to quickly judge others and even ourselves.

To me, I am my worse critic. I feel have too look a certain way all the time to be expected into this world. Yes, I am into fashion and makeup as a hobby, but it’s also my security blanket. Lol!!!

Yes, I can survive without my essentials, but deep down inside I long for them. I forget what matters the most. Just let your heart shine. It’s probably the best thing I can wear every day.

Since I cover my heart with God’s wisdom, light and love,  I need to share my heart with more confidence than a fashion statement I am trying to express. After I examine my heart, I need to share my best characteristics.

My favorite part of my heart is love. Want to know why? Well, God is Love. When I share love, I am sharing my Lord and savior.  I get to shine God’s love from my heart to others everyday.

I  need to also look at people’s hearts. Let me rephrase that sentence. WE need to look at people’s heartd. We need to look beyond the smell, looks and style of their outward appearance. We are probably missing out on some amazing people because we do not look at their heart first.




Now, we will have some cold hearted people stumbled into our lives, too. Some people’s hearts bitter, bruised, drained, exhausted, etc. They have no love in their hearts and their broken.

Their mind has abused and taken over taken their heart. They have perverted senses and lustful thoughts. Their selfishness has corrupted and overruled any love in their heart. Does that  mean we avoid them? NO!!! It’s time to love on them.

Those that are wounded and heart broken need to be repaired. The only way to repair a heart is to love unconditionally. Examine the person or even the situation with love.

The best way to give love is show them Jesus. Introduction to Jesus always heals the heart. We want to save the broken. We want to share our JOY in our hearts. As a Christian, we do not horde love. We want to share love. Since God is love, let’s share His name with others.

Let’s not judge the appearance of others. Let’s not judge our appearance. Let’s focus on God’s love. Let’s spread our hearts to others who need that same LOVE that has saved us.





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