OOTD | Blurred

When you wake up, your eyes are out of focus. The world is a big fuzzy mess, or maybe just your room is a fuzzy mess. Blurry vision is the worse, but sometimes I wish I can just blur out what I do not want to see in every day life.

Fashion is a huge hobby for me. It’s a passion. The worse thing is when I see a person who does not put any effort into getting ready everyday. The funny thing is that it does not take much effort at all.


This outfit is something I put together in less than a minute. My hair only took 30 secs to put up. Lastly, my makeup was only a 5 minute task. That’s a total of 6.5 minutes to get ready. Yes, it’s not my best outfit in the world, but at least I’m not a blurry mess



Vest from Ross

Floral Tank Top from Forever 21 Plus

Chiffon Dress Pants from Forever 21 Plus

Brown Sandals and Jewelry from Goodwill

(All items from this OOTD are discontinued)



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