Fashion & Glamour

I love Fashion and Glamour. It has to be one of my top five Little Joys in my life.  I enjoy Fashion because it gives me a chance to express myself without words.  I am a fan favorite of the Bohemian Fashion.  It makes me feel free spritied and it’s extremely comfy.  Glamour is a way for me to change my face everyday.  LOL!!!  I love makeup.  I am not one to do all the contouring, but I love to splash on some Red or Orange Lips to touch up my everyday sparkle.  Glamour is so much more than just makeup to me.  It’s a way you represent yourself as a LADY.  I love to be lady like, expect I burp and don’t notice I did it.  Besides that flaw, I love playing dress up.  It’s just a Fun Little Joy in my life.