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I am a little sadden, but on the bright side. I get to blog about this saddness. I get to show the world through my words on what I learned. I hope to give you wisdom and pray it opens your heart to help.

I have been hearing a lot on the news or from reading the paper about these “Canned Hunting.” I didn’t know what to think of it. Then I read about the dentist whom killed a lion. It was a totally shocker!!!

I know a few years back I read articles on a teenager killing wild animals. I do remember talking about it, but I stopped talking about it. Why did I stop?

I guess it was not that important or had no business of mine. I maybe thought I couldn’t do anything about it cause I don’t have a lot of money. I might have said, “Well, there are other people who are gonna help. I’m good!

I am not gonna ignore this now!!!

The Godly take care for their animals, but the wicked are always cruel.”

Proverbs 12:10

I was browsing through Instagram and stumbled onto this account, Blood Lions. The first row of pictures are adorable of baby lion cubs. Then the fourth picture, I was disgusted. A man and woman priding over their kill of what was a beautiful lion.


I didn’t even pay any attention to Blood Lions summary, but when I read it my heart sunk. This organization is fighting lion farming. Lion farming is lions being breed for slaughter!!!

SAY WHAT?!?!?!

Yes!!! More than 8, 000 Lions are being breed. This Canned Hunting are for humans to have fun by hunting and killing these beautiful Kings of the Pride Lands in South Africa. I feel it’s sickening.

As I mentioned earlier, I heard of canned hunting before i saw that Instagram account. I never dove deep into learning about it.  Now I have educated myself with many articles.

I read from this article, Canned Hunting and Cub-Petting are Big Business in South Africa, on some stats of canning:

“…in 2012, it generated approximately 807 million South African rand, roughly 70 million US dollars. Canned hunting is not the hunting of wild lions, however, but rather captive ones, and whereas trophy hunters often claim “fair chase” as a key element in their hunting activities, canned hunters simply pay to kill a lion in an enclosure.”

It’s a legal activity in South Africa!!! South Africans make a huge profit on canned hunting. Money is driving the cruelty.

Some may say to me, “Well, Victoria. They are just animals. Maybe the Lions in Africa are like our deers in America.” Gosh darn it!!! It’s not the same!!!

We DO NOT have deers held in cages. We DO NOT  have our deer from new borns to adult hood being raised to become someone’s trophy. We DO NOT get paid millions of dollars to have a huge hunting sport.

The wild Lions are being locked up in captivity. They are being feed on a daily basis in a cage. The Lion DO NOT roam freely like any deer!


Pictures above and below are from this article, Botswana minister in lion trade scandal. These are lions being held in their cages till it’s their turn for a “so called” hunter to kill them. Sorry, but these hunters are cowards.


I know when God shows me issues or concerns I have to be serious about it and take action. God has opened my eyes. I am going to help in some way and right now it begins with this blog.

I am also going to help out by emailing petition letters. Since the organization, Blood Lions, gave me a deeper in put on this horrible issue, I found on their website how I can help. Click here to get involved!

I also encourage you to check out their You Tube trailer on, Blood Lions:

I am passionate about my beliefs. I believe God gave us animals to eat for us to survive. I don’t believe God gave us animals to mount on our walls or have them made into rugs in a trophy room.

The Bible says, “For every animal of the forest is mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills,” in Psalm 50:10. On the day God made the animals, in Genesis 1:25 God pronounces it being good. Do we ignore or treat cruelly something that God calls good? Of course not!!!



3 thoughts on “Cruelty

  1. This is sickening indeed! How can they make businesses with something that is part of their own nature. For those disgusting hunters feel fake proud of a fake hunting. Even if it’s a legit hunting it is disgusting. Like you said, money is bringing up the cruelty. Just awful!

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    1. That’s what makes it even worse. People aka “supposed hunters” pick out their Lion. Each Lion has a price to its name. I was so overwhelmed by this issue. This is not Hunting at all. It’s perfectly stated, Slaughtering!

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